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Prickly Pear Cactus- Opuntia oricola

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Here are a few of my favorite organizations and related books that  will 

provide helpfull information on our local trails, and ways to help our California native plants

and animals for future generations to enjoy. 

Laura's Favorite Picks

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The Drought-Defying California Garden


I just purchased this book and love the attention to native plant details! 

It  describes each CA native plant how to grow and use it in your garden 

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Water me next week a Succulent's plea


This book is for those  that want to learn how to properly care

for succulents either in your urban landscape or  potted gardens.  It's an excellent book with lots of photos and instructions on what  succulents and cactus need regarding  water, soil type and food requirements. 

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If you where inspired by hearing about the natural dye from the cochineal beetle, you will LOVE this book on natural plant dyes!

 This well-written easy to follow book has tons of photos and lots of ways to use your  garden plants and flowers to transform  into beautiful natural plant dyes for yarns, fabrics etc. 

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Cochineal Dye

I just purchased a small bottle on this and WOW does it make the most incredible RED dye! I'm going to make new hand painted  dinner napkins using this red dye and some of the plant dying leaf impression on 

from the book Wild Color

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Nopal Cactus Powder

Delicious, sweet, rich in vitamins and minerals, excellent soluble and insoluble fibers.  Great for adding into your morning smoothie with a few other antioxidant rich berries it will give your smoothie  a rich and creamy balance! 


Wild Rootz Newsletter

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