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Meditation In Nature

Inspired by the Japanese art of shinrin-yoku  translation

“Forest Bathing.”


This class is for those of us that find it difficult to sit still and meditate quietly on a cushion or need a well-deserved break from the

mental clutter of our everyday lives.  

Step Into Natures Sanctuary

Walking in Nature Mediation is taught at any one of 3 chosen locations, Oak Woodland, Chaparral Forest, Rock & Mountain Top or Local Grasslands.   Each location is selected with care, offering just the right elements for a one of kind mediation experience. Come and join this peaceful, guided walk through nature, while performing meditative exercises that will relieve stress and calm the mind.

What to Expect

Meditations are in a gentle, walking format designed to help release tension, open your senses, and deepen your relationship with yourself and nature.  Class concludes with a light snack, hot herbal tea and open questions about our natural world.

History and Science 

Have you ever wondered why meditation retreats and monasteries of many spiritual traditions are often found deep in the mountains or forests?  Many cultures throughout the world have gone out into nature to find that it provides not only a beautiful place to visit but also has healing powers. Yes, research now show that trees and nature really do have healing powers!  They release antimicrobial essential oils, called phytocides, that can improve immunity, sleep, cognitive functioning, reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety and depression.


What to Bring 

Good walking shoes, long sleeves and long pants, layered clothing, sunscreen, bug spray, and water.

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