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Drought Tolerant Garden 
Design Class

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This class provides all the tools you’ll ever need to design your own landscape on a limited budget!  

Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a basic idea, this class helps narrow down the best choices for you. It will help guide you through layout and design, understanding your soil, selecting the right plants, water, care and maintenance, and comes with a ton of resources and money saving ideas!

Topics include:

  • All design supplies are included in the price.

  • 10 simple steps on basic landscape design. 

  • Visual ideas on trending styles. 

  • Cost effective ways to replace your lawn. 

  • A comprehensive list of tried-and-true plants to work with that local nurseries provide. 

  • How to incorporate seasonal color and interest.

  • Hands-on assistance with narrowing down your choices and creating an attractive design 

  • Basic care and maintenance on your newly planted landscape such as planting, watering, pruning, and mulching.

  • Include are lots of money and time saving resources such as nursery discounts, rebates, book choices, online resources, and much more! 

Limited Space Available 

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