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Coast Live OakQuercus agrifolia

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Laura's Favorite Picks

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Oaks of California


This book covers growing, locations, history, animals and more about our CA oaks trees and where you can visit some of the last remaining trees that are hundred of years old. It also makes a wonderful addition to your coffee table book choices..

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The Hidden Life of Trees


If you like to learn the inside cutting edge on what's being found regarding trees in science today then this book will not disappoint!  I found it left me with a complete different 

perception on what I thought I knew about trees.

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Forest Bathing

Great book for teaching yourself how to forest bath.  So many people ask me "what it forest bathing"?

Here's a link for more information however, the book will not disappoint!

Learn more about forest bathing...
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Mycelium Running

Once you've read The Hidden Life of Trees this book will dive you even deeper into the amazing organisms 

under the earth that's incredible interesting and  important to both our gardens  the survival of the planet.

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California Mushrooms


Wow!  This book has a TON of beautiful 

in-depth photos and descriptions of our CA mushrooms!  I've used this book to identify mushrooms this past few years and found everyone of them in this book.  If you like hunting or 

studying shooms this

is your book!

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Bird Of Southern California

As far as I'm concerned this is the best go to CA bird book for our area!

Great photos and description and fits in a backpack or saddle bag nicely.  I like to write notes on a post-it to remind me what birds I saw out in the field then when I get home learn more on 

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Celestron Binoculars


My husband bought me this brand for mothers day and finally I can see EVERYTHING!  I love the covers keep them clean, and the small bag works great in my saddle bag.  Very professional brand, they do have less expensive ones that I hear are equally as fantastic


Laura's Children Outdoor Picks

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Fantastic for kids!


I give this to al the kids in our family as a birthday or Christmas gift along with native milkweed seeds to plant in their garden and many of them have enjoyed the like and  transformation of monarchs right in their back yard! 

lots of simple & fun  projects

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This intorductory bird book is fantastic to take to the park or use in your backyard.  Lots of outdoor activities to do with kids. 

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Excellent kids

nature book!!

Beautiful illustrations

fun and engaging book on  nature information 

and thought it's geared for kid adults will find it also a great read!  



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