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CA Thrasher
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Help Save Our Native Birds!

North America's bird population had declined 29%


...CA hosts 600 species of birds, making up two-thirds of all of North America's bird population?

...CA migratory route supports millions of birds every year with its wetland, beaches, and other unique habitats!


My Favorite Resources & Links

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My Favorite Books & Products

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Bird Of Southern California

As far as I'm concerned this is the best go to CA bird book for our area!

Great photos and description and fits in a backpack or saddle bag nicely.  I like to write notes on a post-it to remind me what birds I saw out in the field then when I get home learn more on 

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This intorductory bird book is fantastic to take to the park or use in your backyard.  Lots of outdoor activities to do with kids. 

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Celestron Binoculars


My husband bought me this brand for mothers day and finally I can see EVERYTHING!  I love the covers keep them clean, and the small bag works great in my saddle bag.  Very professional brand, they do have less expensive ones that I hear are equally as fantastic

Snowy Egret
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